Building a business is hard work, and as your business grows, so do the number & complexity of your responsibilities as a business owner. And while every entrepreneur enjoys a good challenge, finding a reliable partner to whom you can delegate can be an exceedingly difficult one. You need someone who can see the big picture, while taking responsibility for all the small steps needed to get there. Someone who instinctively knows how to get a job done, but who’ll still check for your inputs and guidance at the critical junctures.

At MKT Agency, we are proud to be the “someone” a select group of local businesses trust with their marketing management.

Marketing is one part of your business that can truly be delegated to an outside vendor like MKT. But MKT’s customers don’t really view us as outside vendors. That’s how integral a part we are of the organizations we serve. Once we form a working relationship with you, before any campaigns are planned or ads produced, we take time to study your business so we can customize an approach that is suited to your specific industry & needs.

The MKT Approach

MKT places a strong emphasis on results-oriented marketing that makes the most efficient use of your budget while presenting a cohesive brand identity across all channels. Our proprietary 3-phase marketing approach starts with a foundational phase during which we study your business then create a custom marketing plan. Once a plan is in place, we begin implementing campaigns across a variety of channels spanning social media, search engine marketing, and traditional advertising formats such as print, radio, and television. All our work is produced by our full time Bend, Oregon marketing staff. For a closer look at our 3-phase marketing approach, click here.


MKT works on a percentage of the increase in gross sales we achieve for your business. We also accept a limited number of small but growing businesses on a flat fee basis.

Our Work

Our 2016 reel is available to see on our home page. To view more of our latest work, or for a free initial marketing consultation, please contact our Bend, OR marketing agency.